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How To Work With Us

Locally grown, tribally owned, MicroGreens & BabyGreens and year-round garden produce.

Providing healthy, nutritious, and delicious MicroGreens for families and businesses.

How To Work With Us

Wholesale Program.

LakotaGreens’ focus is on building healthy eating habits and food independence within our community, on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, and in western South Dakota.


We focus on providing LakotaGreens SuperSalad Mix to our local schools, community feeding programs, hospitals, etc. and can work within your existing food budgets to provide a more nutritional, locally and tribally grown, alternative to your salad mixes. We do not currently sell retail.


USDA Farm to School program.

For our local schools, we welcome the opportunity to work with you on the USDA Farm to School program for procurement of our School SuperSalad Mix. We can also work with you on your school gardens and we welcome your participation in our Powwow Park & Gardens Educational program.


Powwow Park & Gardens Educational program.

We have incorporated an educational component for school age children. We are one of the only local, tribally-owned, facilities that grows year-round and has an outdoor garden (Powwow Gardens), an underground geothermal greenhouse (GeoGreenKitchen), and an LED indoor MicroGreens growing facility (LakotaGreens).



Please contact us for additional information about tours of our facilities.

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