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How do you prepare them?

We can show you how to prepare

delicious meals!

MicroGreens are best raw, not cooked. Sprinkle them raw on whatever you are eating.


How Do You Prepare Them?

MicroGreens and BabyGreens often taste like a more flavorful version of the adult version of that same vegetable. For example, most people have eaten baby spinach.


How do you use MicroGreens and BabyGreens?

MicroGreens are best raw, not cooked. Sprinkle them raw on whatever you are eating. Salads are an obvious choice. But once you get used to eating them regularly you will find they complement almost any meal.


Put some on top of your baked chicken. Mix them in with your green beans. Sprinkle some on your spaghetti. Put them in your smoothie. Use them on your sandwich instead of lettuce. You will learn to like different flavored MicroGreens for different meals.


BabyGreens can often be studier than MicroGreens, like baby spinach, and can take some additional heat in a cooking preparation process, and are often delicious included in a light sauté.


Eat MicroGreens and BabyGreens Within 3-7 Days.

Nutritional content begins to diminish as soon as vegetables are cut. And for many vegetables, research has shown the nutritional content diminishes severely after 7 days. It takes most national salad mixes at least 7 days to be harvested and transported to South Dakota. LakotaGreens are usually delivered the day they are harvested. You should plan to eat your greens within a week for the most nutritional impact.

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