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How Are The MicrGreens & BabyGreens Grown?

LakotaGreens is 100% tribal owned

and locally grown

The MicroGreens are grown from seeds, with minimal water, vertically on shelving with LED lights

Locally grown on Pine Ridge.

LakotaGreens are grown in our indoor greens facility in Wakpamni Lake/Batesland, South Dakota on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation within the Wakpamni Lake Community. The Wakpamni Lake Community Corporation Food Sovereignty Project has three main growing locations. Powwow Gardens is our outdoor garden. The GeoGreenKitchen is our year-round underground geo-thermal greenhouse. And then the LakotaGreens is in our indoor growing facility.

Greens Growing Process.

The MicroGreens and BabyGreens are grown from seeds, in soil, in 1020 trays, with minimal water, vertically on racks, with LED lights. We harvest the MicroGreens approximately every 8-10 days, we harvest the BabyGreens approximately every 30 days, and then we restart the process.


Year-Round Growing.

LakotaGreens indoor MicroGreens and BabyGreens growing facilities and our GeoGreenKitchen (underground geothermal greenhouse) allows us to grow year-round, even in South Dakota’s harsh winters.


Same-Day Local Delivery Means Higher Nutritional Content.

What makes LakotaGreens stand out even more dramatically than buying from national chains is that we can deliver our SuperSalad on the same day we cut and harvest the MicroGreens and BabyGreens. Not only does this mean a fresher product, but it also means a substantially more nutritional product.


Nutritional content begins to dimmish as soon as vegetables are cut. And for many vegetables, research has shown the nutritional content diminishes severely after 7 days. It takes most national salad mixes at least 7 days to be harvested and transported to South Dakota.

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