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Who we are

Locally grown MicroGreens and seasonal garden produce

Providing healthy, nutritious, and delicious MicroGreens for families and businesses.


Our Story

LakotaGreens is a 100% Native Tribal owned company which grows and sells organic sustainable “superfood” MicroGreens to improve the health of our community.


LakotaGreens is owned and operated by the Wakpamni Lake Community Corporation (WLCC) in Batesland, South Dakota on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. The Wakpamni Lake Community Corporation is the economic development arm of the tribal community government the Wakpamni Lake Community


A key tenet for the Wakpamni Lake Community is to restore Food Sovereignty to our community. The federal government destroyed indigenous food ways to trigger tribal compliance through dependency on federally rationed foods. Those government foods were of poor nutritional quality and have created generations of health-related issues, including diabetes.


Currently Wakpamni Lake is a food desert, and we are working to address that. LakotaGreens along with our Powwow Gardens, GeoGreenKitchen, Wicozoni Wateca, and the Community and Family Gardens are each integral parts of restoring the Community’s health and food independence.

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